Standard Game Carrier
Standard Game Carrier
Standard Game Carrier

Standard Game Carrier



We are taking an opportune break during the Summer months to restore our energy ready for the Autumn Winter 2019 craziness. Our store will be closed until the end of the Summer. We are truly grateful for the support and encouragement we receive from our customers and followers. Have a fabulous summer, lots of love, C x

A fabulous, dependable game carrier designed for comfort and durability. Small enough to pop in your pocket and yet strong enough to carry a significant number of birds.

Most competitor carriers have one single cobra braid forming the shoulder strap, we found these carriers cut into your shoulder with just two birds.

Our carriers are different, as you can see from the images, we triple cobra braid over a cushioned core, ensuring the carriers are soft on the shoulder and yet extraordinarily strong.

We braid with super strong paracord which comes in fabulous colours to suit all tastes. The carrier comes with 10 drops and stainless steel rings to help form the neck loops. The strap width braids to approximately 1.5" wide and 12" long with each drop being 10" each.

All of our carriers are tested out in the field in real situations by real people!

If you would like differing lengths, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always keen to help. Please note all sizes and colours are approximate.


Prices include postage to the UK. Once your order is received it will be made and on its way to you normally within 10-14 days. You will receive a dispatch email to say it is on its way. Please note all sizes and colours are approximate.

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