Braided Lanyard SALE
Braided Lanyard SALE
Braided Lanyard SALE

Braided Lanyard SALE

Regular price £18.00 Sale price £15.00


We are taking an opportune break during the Summer months to restore our energy ready for the Autumn Winter 2019 craziness. Our store will be closed until the end of the Summer. We are truly grateful for the support and encouragement we receive from our customers and followers. Have a fabulous summer, lots of love, C x

I love these lanyards and the only reason they are at a sale price is because I made them to the wrong length, drop style or colour for the customers order. I had a Doh! moment, easily done these days.

Colourful, eye catching, hard wearing, yet soft and malleable.


  • Special Edition Lanyards - use 1mm and 2mm cords which braid up to a 5-6mm diameter round braid approximately.
  • Nano Lanyards use 2mm cord which braid up to a 4-5mm round braid diameter.
  • Micro Lanyards use 1mm cord which braid up to a 3-4mm round braid diameter
  • All clips available are made from stainless steel and are either ball bearing or lobster clips
  • Colour, drop, clip, length are included as part of the product drop down description

Why not add a matching whistle to your lanyard.

Prices include postage to the UK. Once your order is received it will be dispatched to you within 48 hours. You will receive a dispatch email to say it is on its way. All lanyards are presented in a Gundog Lanyards gift box. Please note all sizes and colours are approximate.